In this post I want to let you know what are the best Indian restaurants in Malaga and province, a cuisine that may not be as rooted in Spain as Italian, Japanese or American, but it is really good, so if you have not tasted it, I recommend it.

On a side note, you may have noticed that I have not used the word Hindu to refer to the cuisine, which although correct and the most common, it is more accurate to say Indian and use the other term for the religion.

If we look at rankings by type of food, you will always find Indian food in the top 3, both for its gastronomic variety and for its quality and authentic flavours, most of its dishes being quite spicy.

Its cuisine is very varied and changes depending on the region you are in, for example in the north there is more predominance of lamb and poultry and in the south there are more rice dishes. Thanks to this, when we visit an authentic Indian restaurant we find a menu that allows us to taste a wide variety of dishes.

This cuisine is characterised by the extensive use of spices (many spicy, such as chilli or black mustard) and vegetables, and is mostly accompanied by rice and naan bread.

It has become fashionable to find restaurants that offer both Indian and Mexican food, I think they are completely different so I don’t really understand this concept of cuisine, that’s why in this post I’m going to show you the best Indian restaurants in Malaga:


It is considered one of the best Indian restaurants in Malaga. The quality of its dishes and the variety on the menu, with vegetarian and vegan options, make this a must if you want to eat good food.

What I like most about this place is the number of dishes you can choose from, which is why I like to go with others so I can share. You have different starters, vegetable dishes, typical northern specialities and many kinds of rice and traditional bread.


In this type of cuisine, it is always good to be recommended according to your tastes, and also for the level of spiciness of the food. In relation to meat, you have different chicken and lamb dishes; and their specialities with different spices and typical sauces such as Lazeez or Goan Curry.

If you want to eat different dishes, I recommend a vegetable dish such as Navaratan Korma (vegetables cooked in a yoghurt and cashew nut sauce), and then a meat dish such as Lamb Kadai or Chicken Thandoori, and of course some homemade bread and rice.

Plaza del Castillo, 1  29679 Benahavís (Málaga)


This is another of the Indian restaurants in Malaga that I recommend and that I like to go to when I go to Fuengirola. This couple, she is Spanish and he is Indian, have managed to create a menu with specialities mostly from that country but with some Mediterranean variants to suit all tastes.

They specialise in curry dishes: chicken, lamb, prawn and vegetable; but you can also find a wide variety of starters such as salads, and some traditional ones like poppadom, onion bhaji or tandoori mushroom.


In addition to the curry dishes, you can choose from different types of breads and rice dishes such as naan, kulcha naan and keema rice. They have burgers, fish and a children’s menu.

At this restaurant I recommend you taste a variety of curries, such as the chef’s chicken curry, the garlic chilli prawn curry and the milder aloo gobi curry with potato and cauliflower.

 Calle General Rodrigo, 4,   29640  Málaga


Of the Indian restaurants in Malaga that I have been to, this may be the one I have liked the most in the capital, although it is true that there are many more in coastal or tourist areas. There are, especially in the centre of Malaga, some mixed restaurants as I mentioned before, but I am not going to include them in this list.

This place has all the essentials to be considered a good Indian restaurant: quality food, flavours that transport you to India, variety of meat, vegetables and starters, and above all the use of many sauces and spices.

You can choose from a wide variety of lamb and chicken dishes, without forgetting to try their tandoori specialities such as the grilled mix with chicken tika, tandoori chicken, sheekh kebab and prawns. And for the best accompaniment, there are different kinds of rice.

The quantities are plentiful so I recommend you order to share. I always order a starter such as chana chat or papadum and then a lamb or chicken dish accompanied by rice and some kind of naan.

Plaza de la Solidaridad, 9  29002  Málaga


When you enter this restaurant you feel like you have been transported to India, with beautiful décor and details that make you feel like you are really there, which is what you get when you try the dishes.

One of the things I like most about this restaurant is the way they treat their customers, taking an interest in their satisfaction. They also have daily set menus and specials for both weekdays and weekends.


They have a fairly extensive and varied menu but I recommend the recommendations of the waiters who will guide you according to your tastes. They have a special section of Balti cuisine, which comes from the North West Frontier province of the old part of India and consists of cooking a wide variety of meats and vegetables in an iron bucket.

If you go in a group you can order the assortment of appetizers as a starter, and then some kind of rice such as vegetable biryani (basmati rice cooked with vegetables, spices and saffron), garlic naan (bread seasoned with fresh tomato and garlic) and some meat or prawn dishes such as Jal Frezi or Prawn Bhuna.

Av. Antonio Machado, 4, Urb. Los Porches  29630  Benalmádena Costa (Málaga)


It is one of the best rated Indian restaurants in Malaga, and more specifically on the Costa del Sol, and deservedly so, because the quality and service are excellent.

The atmosphere of this restaurant is magnificent, making you enjoy even more the traditional homemade dishes. On weekends you can listen to live traditional music.


Unlike other Indian restaurants, the menu is more extensive and offers a much wider variety of dishes such as starters, vegetable dishes, house dishes and chef’s specialities, so if you haven’t tried this type of food before, it’s best to ask the waiter to recommend it to you.

Specialities include dhansak, a traditional dish of lentils and cooked vegetables; karahi (a tomato-based recipe with chopped capsium, crispy onion and spices) and punjabi masala (with garlic, onion, pepper and ginger) which can be eaten with chicken, lamb, prawns, shrimps, fish or chicken tikka.

Calle Torremolinos, 3,   29649 La Cala de Mijas (Málaga)


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