As we all know the world of gastronomy is in fashion, either because of the TV programs specialized in cooking or because of the growth of restaurants with Michellin stars and the passion to discover and try different dishes with unmatched textures, but in this post we are going to focus on another type of cuisine and I will talk about steakhouses and where to eat the best meat in Malaga and province.

Previously when we went to eat at a meat restaurant, there was not so much variety in the types of meat they offered; now we can enjoy the best cuts brought from different parts of the world: Japan, Scotland, England, France, not to mention Spain with its jabugo meat or northern beef.

It is difficult to make a small selection, with the large number of quality restaurants that exist, but I want to show you only the steakhouses par excellence where the meat is the basis of its success. Do you want to know the 5 best steakhouses where to eat the best meat in Malaga?


It is undoubtedly one of the most important steakhouses in Malaga. This restaurant, which at the end of 2019 changed its location (more than 400 square meters) in order to be able to meet all the demand it had and avoid the queues of more than an hour to be able to sit down, prepares all its dishes in its charcoal barbecue of oak.

Within its wide variety, the pieces of meat of retinta beef from the north of Spain and Wagyu, and the products of Iberian pork stand out.


This grill is not only known for its meat, it also has an extensive menu of fish and seafood prepared on a wood-fired barbecue, many of which are perfect for starters and sharing in a group, before tasting a good piece of meat, such as grilled octopus, pickled tuna or grilled shrimp.

In case you don’t know what to choose from, the menu has 3 menus, of different amounts, which include starters, main and drink.

Ayala Street, 40  29002 Malaga


Another classic you can’t miss, if you want to taste good meat in Malaga. This restaurant located in Malaga city, has a wide variety of products and great quality.

I could say that it is the restaurant with the greatest variety of meats, brought from different parts of the world that you can find in Malaga and the province, and it has become one of the best restaurants in the whole province. You can choose between Hereford (England), Limousin (France), Aberdeen Angus (Scotland), Friesian (Germany)… without missing the Wagyu, served in very few restaurants, and considered the best meat in the world.


If you do not want to try this type of meat, Verum also offers national specialities such as lamb in a wood-fired oven, Segovian suckling pig or suckling goat.

Although we want to give prominence to meat, it must be said that you can also find an extensive menu of tapas and have different types of menus for groups, including one vegetarian.

Flamencos Street, 3  29018 Malaga


It is a restaurant of Argentine essence, with a cultural fusion, where you can enjoy a great cuisine, with some starters where you can’t miss the chorizo, the black pudding and the Argentinean empananda and a great variety of salads to share before the main one.

Among his main dishes, he could not miss Argentinean cuts such as beef entraña or Argentinean angus fillet. Also on the menu you will find a wider variety of meat dishes, not all of them grilled, such as chicken stuffed with plums and pepper sauce or Rossini sirloin, Angus foie and Porto reduction.


This restaurant also offers diners the chance to try some of its other specialties, such as steamed hake, seasonal vegetables and green sauce; grilled pink salmon with sautéed vegetables oriental style or risotto of boletus and truffle.

Urb. Guadalmina Alta   C.C. Guadalmina III,   29670  San Pedro Alcántara (Malaga)


If you want to eat meat in Malaga, you must visit this restaurant. They specialise in grilled meat and Basque/Navarrese cuisine. The family atmosphere and its spacious lounge and terrace make it an ideal place to spend a pleasant time with your family.

Casa Navarra differs from other meat restaurants in Malaga because they specialise in beef, offering you steaks, entrecots and sirloins prepared both on the grill and with different sauces: beef sirloin with pepper sauce or beef entrecôte with tarragon sauce.


In addition to grilled meats, you can enjoy local fish, traditional cheeses and homemade desserts, such as piquillo peppers, Biscayan-style cod or hake kokotxas.

Since its inauguration, every July 6th they throw the chupinazo at noon to celebrate the beginning of the San Fermines.

Ctra. Mijas – Fuengirola  29650  Mijas (Malaga)


It is a more traditional restaurant, with a not so modern menu, but thanks to their effort and commitment to the quality of their products, have made it a restaurant to visit and where you can eat good meat in Malaga.

Their menu is extensive, and you can find Galician beef, ox and Iberian pork on the grill, but they also have more classic meat dishes, but just as good as the cheek in swallow sauce, pork tenderloin with orange or oxtail.


To share you have the possibility of choosing different dishes such as cheese, black pudding and chorizo, and finally you can’t miss its variety of homemade desserts such as brownie or pancake with “dulce de leche”.

The restaurant has a classic decoration, which makes you feel in a very relaxed atmosphere, it also has different rooms and a patio where you can enjoy the vegetation that will accompany your meal with different flowers and aromas like jasmine or lady of the night.

Avda. Santiago Ramón y Cajal, 92  29014  Malaga


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