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On this page we will recommend the most authentic places to eat the best international food in Malaga. Japanese, Italian, American, Indian, Lebanese restaurants...

We all know the quality of our national cuisine, but we also have many restaurants of international cuisine where you can taste good food in Malaga. Do you want to know which are those establishments where you can eat in Malaga the typical dishes from different parts of the world? You will have the opportunity to know the five best places divided by type of food: American and its hamburgers; the authentic Italian cuisine; Japanese, prepared by authentic experts of the Japanese cuisine; a food as demanded as the Hindu one; Mexican, and its mixture of tradition and fusion; and the Thai: presented mostly in franchise format.

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Italian restaurants in Malaga

In this post I want to show you which are the best Italian restaurants in Malaga, so you can enjoy delicious dishes with authentic traditional flavour. When we think about where to eat, one of the best options is always to go to an Italian restaurant, because who doesn’t like a good pizza or a plate of pasta? Besides, there is no place that doesn’t have a restaurant serving this type of food, and above all because we are safe in the knowledge of what to order. But if we go to a pizzeria, trattoria or osteria and the taste of our dishes is different…

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Where to eat hamburgers in Malaga

If we talk about the styles of food that have undergone the greatest transformation, hamburgers would be among the first, because they have gone from being considered fast food to being authentic delicacies with high quality products, so I dedicate this post to discover the best places to eat hamburgers in Malaga. As I said before, hamburgers have always been considered fast food, they have been questioned because of the quality of their meat, especially in big franchises that everybody knows….
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Thai restaurants in Malaga

As we have talked about in other posts, gastronomy is a very important pillar in Malaga, which offers millions of tourists who visit us a lot of alternatives to enjoy. One of the most popular is Thai food, which is why we find a large number of Thai restaurants in Malaga. We can see that although the gastronomic groups, which have many franchises, stand out in number, we can find traditional Thai restaurants in Malaga and the province whose home cooking has conquered both locals and tourists…

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Authentic Mexican Cantinas in Malaga

f we think of international food, we are sure that one of the first three we have imagined is Mexican, a classic in gastronomy. For this reason we want to make a post to tell you which are the best Mexican restaurants in Malaga, where you will discover the authentic Mexican flavour in your palate. Nowadays we can easily find food from many parts of the world: Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Indian… but if we go back twenty years ago, the only international food we could find was Italian, Chinese and Mexican, and not everywhere…

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The best Japanese restaurants in Malaga

Japanese food, and especially sushi, is the food that has aroused the most expectation in the last decade. Japanese cuisine is all the rage and we can see it in the number of restaurants we find, especially in city centres. Unlike other types of food we have talked about, such as Thai, where we notice the authenticity of flavours when the cooks are from the country itself, in this case we find international chefs specialised in this type of cuisine, who have trained for years to become masters and are recognised worldwide.

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Indian restaurants in Malaga

In this post I want to let you know what are the best Indian restaurants in Malaga and province, a cuisine that may not be as rooted in Spain as Italian, Japanese or American, but it is really good, so if you have not tasted it, I recommend it. On a side note, you may have noticed that I have not used the word Hindu to refer to the cuisine, which although correct and the most common, it is more accurate to say Indian and use the other term for the religion. If we look at rankings by type of food, you will always find Indian food…