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If you are thinking of travelling this year as a family, we show you the best plans you can make in Malaga with children: museums, amusement parks, zoos…

Are you thinking about a family vacation? Don’t miss out on all the plans you can make in Malaga with children, at any time of the year. Although many of the activities are designed for children, I assure you that parents will also have a great time: walking with lemurs in freedom, visiting the museum of aviation or for the more footballers the one of the Málaga C.F., where you can enter the changing rooms, take a tour inside the stadium, seeing the trophy room and an exhibition of shirts of all the stars that have passed through the Stadium of the Rosaleda, among other activities.


We can make a division of all the events and activities to do in Malaga with children, since there are the permanent ones and the eventual ones, which are usually in Malaga every year, as it is the case of the Cirque du Soleil or other more classic cirques, which choose our city within their tour to present their new shows.

If we talk more closely about the activities you can do with children who are permanent in Malaga, we will classify them into different sections to make it easier for you to plan: museums (music, science, aviation, Malaga CF …), zoos (Selwo, Selwo Marina, Cocodrile Park, Lobo Park, Bioparc …), amusement parks like Tivoli or Aqualand, and some of the most charming castles you have to visit the Colomares. To have a complete experience we also recommend the best places to eat or visit in Malaga and the province.

Malaga Museum
what to do in malaga with children - Colomares Castle
Amusement parks

Amusement parks in Malaga, the best plan for the whole family

One of the most fun activities to do with both friends and family is to visit an amusement park, especially when the good weather approaches, as who doesn’t like getting wet on any of the water park rides, riding the Ferris wheel or defying the fear of heights on a roller coaster. The amusement parks in Malaga are undoubtedly an attraction in our city, especially because they have a variety of attractions for all ages that will ensure you an unforgettable day out…

what to do in malaga with children - Zoos

The best zoos in malaga

One of the best plans to do with the family is to visit a zoo, because children love to be close to all those animals they see on TV, and interact with them. That’s why I wanted to do a post about this, as there are many different zoos in Malaga. Thanks to this variety of enclosures, we can enjoy zoos where we will find animals divided into regions, and other more thematic zoos where we can learn first-hand about the behaviour of a specific animal, such as a crocodile…