One of the best plans for the whole family is to visit a zoo in Malaga, because children love to be close to all those animals they see on TV, and interact with them. Thanks to this variety of enclosures, we can enjoy zoos where we will find animals divided into regions, and other more thematic zoos where we can learn first-hand about the behaviour of a particular animal, such as a crocodile or a wolf.

As you can see, there are many zoos in Malaga and to make it easier for you to choose, I am going to explain each one in detail, so that you can include this activity in your family plan.

Due to the current pandemic situation, I recommend that you check the timetables as they are subject to change.


This park located in the heart of Fuengirola is one of the great attractions of the city, for its diversity of species and for the very real environment that has been created. Rain Forest is the owner of this zoo, which also has a zoo in Valencia and an aquarium in Gijon.

They have developed the concept of zoo-immersion, which consists of recreating the species’ own habitat, and that the distance between the animals and the public has a space of continuity, which makes you immerse yourself in the environment.

zoos en Málaga-Bioparc-Malaka Turismo

The animals are arranged, as we have mentioned, in different habitats, recreating some of the best-known tropical rainforests: the island of Madagascar, Equatorial Africa, Southeast Asia and the Indo-Pacific islands.

There are more than 80 different species of reptiles, birds, fish and mammals, including lemurs (which you can come across while you go on the tour), crocodiles, flamingos, stingrays, monitor lizards, tigers, snakes…

C/ Camilo José Cela, 6 – 8 29640  Fuengirola (Málaga)


With more than one million square metres, this zoo is one of the largest in Spain. In Selwo you will find an infinity of birds, mammals, reptiles and plants from all over the world, recreating their natural habitat, with the aim of guaranteeing your comfort in the enclosure.

Selwo is divided into 3 large areas: Central Village, which is the nerve centre of the zoo and where we can find the large mammals of Africa: lions, giraffes, elephants, zebras, wildebeest... You can observe them through the Great Bridge of Africa, a walkway that recreates the great bridges that cross the African rivers. In this area you will also find different types of snakes.

The second territory is the Portico of Nature, home to various African species (cheetahs, gazelles, red pandas, primates, hyenas…) as well as species from other continents such as Bennet’s wallabies, Australian marsupials or the Gibraltar macaque.

zoos en Málaga-Selwo Aventura-Malaka Turismo

The last of the large areas is the “Cañon de las Aves” (Bird Canyon), where we will find the territory of the Iberian lynxes as a great attraction. In addition, and thanks to its well created route, we can observe the behaviour of the animals, such as the otters in their natural habitat, both from above and underwater. In this area, as its name suggests, we will find a large number of birds.

One of the things that characterizes this zoo in Malaga, is the various activities offered such as: the ziwa zip line (116 meters across the great lake of Africa), the Kuruka trampolines, the goat enclosure, the mini farm …. But if you want a unique experience you have at your disposal the Serengeti Safari where you will travel through the Lakes Reserve in an all-terrain vehicle and the Obama VIP Visit, which offers an exclusive tour through different routes and the chance to get close to some of the most emblematic animals of the park.

Disponen de diferentes bonos y packs. Además podrás pasar la noche en su hotel ubicado dentro del parque.

Autovía del Mediterráneo, Km. 162, 5,  29680 Estepona (Málaga)


It belongs to the same company as Selwo Aventura, which also has the Benalmádena cable car, where you can see the whole coast from the heights. This zoo is divided into 5 zones: Ice Island, the Antilles, the Deep, Amazonia and the Tropics.

Selwo Marina is the only dolphinarium and ice penguinarium in Andalusia, you can also find other species of marine fauna and tropical rainforests of the world: mammals, reptiles, birds, amphibians, arthropods and fish, not forgetting the diversity of plants that this zoo in Malaga has.

zoos en Málaga-Selwo Marina-Malaka Turismo

You have the opportunity to see up close animals such as the armadillos, sea lions, different types of macaws, penguins, snakes, lizards, crocodiles, turtles, frogs… in short, to get to know each of these marvellous species in more detail.

But the adventure doesn’t end here, as you can do different types of activities that will make this visit unforgettable for the whole family: educational dolphin talk, presentation of exotic birds, encounter with dolphins and penguins, swimming with sea lions and photos with some of these animals.

Parque de la Paloma s/n,   29630  Benalmádena (Málaga)


In this zoo in Malaga, more specifically in Torremolinos, you can enjoy a large number of crocodiles and alligators from different parts of the world, and learn about how they live and their hunting techniques.

There are about 23 species of crocodiles and 3 species of alligators in the world, although some of them are already endangered. In this theme park you will find more than 200 animals of 4 kinds: the Nile crocodile (over 5 metres), the spectacled alligator, the Cuban crocodile and the American alligator.

Cocodrilos Park-Malaka Turismo

But in addition to the visit to the park too, where you will be 2 metres away from these large animals, you also have the option of seeing some of the exhibits and guided tours with one of the guides, where he will explain in detail everything about these animals and even take a photo with a baby. Don’t forget to “say hello” to Paco, one of the biggest crocodiles in Europe and the soul of this zoo.

Calle Cuba, 14  29620  Torremolinos (Málaga)


This park of more than 400,000 square metres, allows the visitor to see this great animal up close and how they act in their natural habitat and in their own pack. You will find 3 sub-species of wolves: European, Tundra wolf and native Iberian wolves.

The aim of this park is to bring us closer to a species that is difficult to see, and to get to know how they live, their habits, ways of interacting… Although we can be close to them, only the two creators of this initiative are the ones who can touch the animals.

Lobo Park-Malaka Turismo

You have different options to visit this park: guided tours where you can enjoy a walk through the wolf enclosure; a visit to the VIP wolves, for groups of 2 to 5 people and accompanied by a world expert on these animals; or the night of the howling wolves, to visit the park at night and see them in action.

Además también disponen de diferentes talleres y seminarios para empresas, colegios y otro tipo de actividades.

Ctra. Antequera – Álora (A343), km 16 29200  Antequera (Málaga)




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Are you planning to enjoy Malaga for a long time? Discover the best monthly rentals of flats and houses and discover the most hidden corners of our city.


Do you need a rental car to explore the Costa del Sol? With our partner you can get a 5% DISCOUNT to hire a car at Malaga airport, with the PROMOCODE MLK23


Plan your excursions to the most iconic places in Malaga, such as the Caminito del Rey, Ronda, Marbella… Choose where and when, and we’ll take care of the rest.


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