The best tourism in Malaga. We tell you all the places you have to visit, the best hiking routes, the most beautiful villages, caves…

Malaga is not only known for its sun and beach tourism, and for its festivals. This city has an infinity of incredible places to visit. Throughout the province of Malaga you can visit some of the famous white villages like Frigiliana, or with great history like Ronda; you can also do backpacking tourism, see charming caves, cave paintings or natural sites. Do you want to discover which site has been declared a UNESCO world heritage site? Do you know which is the most beautiful village in Andalusia and one of the most beautiful in Spain? We will tell you this and more in these posts, so you won’t miss anything.


Malaga is made up of 103 municipalities, including the capital. If we make a general tour, we will be able to appreciate everything that can be seen and done in each of these towns; their traditions, their culture, their way of living and relating to the environment have given them an identity that makes these places essential to visit at least once in your life.

If you are thinking about what to do on your vacation, we explain different plans that you will love, if what you are looking for is a different plan to the sun and beach tourism, or to be able to combine them and make a complete trip, since the distances are not so great, and with car you have it within reach. Depending on what you want to see, we recommend that you book it in advance so that you can visit it during your holidays, as for example the Caminito del Rey, an international attraction, has months of waiting. We detail each of them.