What to visit in Malaga? We discover you the best places to see in Malaga city: monuments, historical buildings, markets…

We recommend that you take time out of your trip to visit Malaga city, as it has plenty of places to go, plus of course other must-see places you’ll find in the province.

The influence of other cultures, due to the occupation of towns such as the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans and for centuries the Muslims, expelled by the Christians in the time of the Catholic Monarchs, have given Malaga a wealth of monuments and culture, which we can still enjoy in its cobbled streets of the historic center, the many buildings, monuments and even in its markets, some preserving the Muslim architecture.


Although Malaga is one of the biggest cities in Spain, especially because it has a very extensive province, if you want to visit the most famous monuments in Malaga city, you will find it very easy, because most of them are located in the historic center, and you can make a route through each one of them on foot, so you can get lost in its streets, and see the atmosphere that this city has throughout the year.

Unlike many other cities, in Malaga, a modern and cosmopolitan city, you can see many ancient monuments, integrated in the same old town, mostly thanks to the pedestrianization of the historic center that allows you to walk in front of the cathedral without any noise, or take a typical dish of the area while watching the ruins of the Roman theater and the Alcazaba behind it. A luxury that not everyone has. You can also enjoy other plans, if you want to get away from the centre for a day I recommend you visit the Jardín Botánico de la Concepción, a spectacular place where you will find plants from different parts of the world.