La Concepción Botanical Garden is one of Malaga’s greatest natural treasures. It is a unique space with an impressive collection of plants, flowers and trees from all over the world, as well as a great variety of fauna. Through its different areas, this garden offers a unique experience for nature and botany lovers.

The origin of La Concepción dates back to the 19th century, when the Marquises of Loring House acquired several estates in the area and began to design a natural space that would include a wide variety of plant species from all over the world. In 1943, it was officially declared a historic-artistic garden, now considered an Asset of Cultural Interest. In 1990, the property was bought by Malaga City Council and opened to the public.



The Botanical Garden of Malaga covers an area of approximately 23 hectares, divided into themed areas that offer different botanical experiences to visitors, so that they can get to know in depth each of the species distributed and where they come from around the world.

Among all the spaces available we can highlight some in particular such as:

Historic Garden: Covering an area of 3.5 hectares, it is one of the most impressive areas of the site. With a landscaped design, in which we will see waterfalls, streams, greenhouses… its collection of subtropical flora stands out. Along its route we will find species such as palm trees, ficus, magnolias, cycads, giant birds of paradise, bamboos, water lilies and a singular climbing plant, among others.

Botanic Garden: Next to the Historical Garden we find this site, where you will discover collections of plants distributed according to scientific criteria. Along the way you can see aquatic plants, prehistoric plants, bromeliads, orchids and a collection of African plants.

Around the world in 80 trees: Continuing the tour you will discover this space, where you will see a collection of the most representative species of each continent. You will be able to observe the evolution and adaptation to the local climate of each one of them.

Concepción Botanical Garden-Malaka Turismo

During the tour of each of the areas, you will be able to learn about and enjoy the thousands of species from different parts of the world, in a place with an unparalleled charm.



La Concepción Botanical Garden has a collection of more than 3,000 species of plants and flowers from all over the world, making it one of the most important in Europe. Some of the most outstanding species are:

Palm trees: The Botanical Garden of Malaga has one of the most outstanding collections of palm trees in Europe, with more than 150 different species.

Orchids: La Concepción has a wide variety of orchids from all over the world, including species such as the ghost orchid and the bamboo orchid.

Cacti and succulents: You will find a large collection of cacti and succulents, including species such as the hedgehog cactus and aloe vera.

botanical garden of Málaga-Malaka Turismo

In addition to flowers and plants, La Concepción Botanical Garden stands out for its wide variety of local, exotic, tropical and subtropical trees, distributed throughout the different areas of the garden: cedars, olive trees, pines, cypresses, almencinos, oaks, eucalyptus…



In the La Concepción Botanical Garden in Malaga you can find various animal species that live in the natural environment of the garden. These are some of the most common species:

Birds: It is a perfect place for birdwatching, as it has a wide variety of species that live in the woods and bushes of the enclosure. We can observe blackbirds, robins, goldfinches and also other species such as nightingales, eagle owls, tawny owls and short-toed eagles, among others.

Butterflies: Being a space full of vegetation, it is very common to find different species of butterflies, such as the monarch butterfly, the tiger butterfly, the leopard butterfly, the black and white butterfly and the geranium butterfly.

Amphibians and reptiles: As there are areas with water, such as streams, it is easy to see some species of amphibians and reptiles, such as the common toad, the green frog, the horseshoe snake and the ocellated lizard.



The Botanical Garden of La Concepción was built as a natural space for the enjoyment of a select part of society, but also as a recreational residence for its owners, where they held meetings with aristocrats, politicians and artists, among them Sisí the Empress of Austria and Cánovas del Castillo.

Palace House: It is a neo-Mudéjar style mansion used as the residence of the Loring family. It is located in the centre of the garden. It stands out for its decorative elements and its inner courtyard with a central fountain surrounded by arches. It currently houses exhibitions and cultural activities, and events and weddings can be held in its gardens overlooking the city garden.

Palace of the Marquises: It was the other residence of the family. It has a total of 23 rooms, including a chapel. On the ground floor there is a large terrace where you can see the whole garden and the city of Malaga. It is currently used as a cultural and exhibition space.

Pavilion of the Brothers of the White Cross: This building was built to be used as a home and workplace for the brothers of this order. It is an ideal place for strolling and enjoying nature, as it is surrounded by gardens with aromatic plants.

Administrator’s House:Used as a residence for the garden administrator and his family. Located at the main entrance of La Concepción Botanical Garden, it is used as a reception for visitors and also to host different types of events. It stands out for its beautiful façade with arches and columns, as well as for its different rooms.

Fountain of the Girl: This is one of the main fountains to be found in the garden. It is characterised by a bronze figure of a girl holding a seashell. It is considered one of the most emblematic elements of the place.

La Concepcion Botanic Garden in Malaga-Malaka Turismo

La Concepción Botanical Garden is an amazing natural space that offers a unique experience for nature and botany lovers. In addition to its impressive green areas and its large collection of plants, it has, as we mentioned before, buildings of great architectural beauty and a diverse fauna. It is a visit not to be missed when visiting Malaga.




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Plan your excursions to the most iconic places in Malaga, such as the Caminito del Rey, Ronda, Setenil de las Bodegas, Marbella… Choose where and when, and we’ll take care of the rest.


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