Who doesn’t enjoy tasting a good Russian salad and the first thing they look at the menu is to see if they have any to order? This dish has become an attraction for any customer who is going to eat, whether it is tapas, meat, espetos or in a seafood restaurant, as it is perfect for opening your mouth before a main course.

It’s gone from being just another tapa on the menu to something that can’t be missed. It’s not enough to mix the ingredients and that’s it, you have to make the best Russian salad. A stream of “salad makers” has been created who want to enjoy the first bite, being the first thing they try, I am among them.

It has always been said that this dish is the thermometer of the quality of a place, because although it is difficult to make a perfect salad, it is easy to make one that is good.

The exact origin of Russian salad is not very clear, but it is said to have been created in the mid-19th century. Although the basic ingredients have not changed much over time (potatoes, vegetables and mayonnaise all mixed together), there have been variations and new ingredients have been added, especially depending on the country, because we can find it on menus in different countries of Europe and Asia.

With all this I want to present you the 5 restaurants where to eat the best Russian salads in Malaga, some of these awarded nationally:


If you want to try the best Russian salad in Spain, you have to go to this restaurant, since it has won the II National Russian Salad Championship-San Miguel Beer, which took place in 2019.

The Candado Golf has always been known for the quality of its rice, but we have discovered that not only is it outstanding in this art, but it has other specialties that make you, even more, visit this site to enjoy a quality meal.


The secret of a good Russian salad lies in both the ingredients and the quality of the products. It is also clear that the temperature of the products, the cooking temperature and the way the mayonnaise is prepared.

If you are asking yourselves what ingredients this magnificent salad has, I’ll specify them, although it will be difficult for us to come out like this chef: potatoes, olives stuffed with anchovies, carrots, green beans and chopped prawns, all mixed with his homemade mayonnaise.

 Golf del Candado Street, 2, 29018 Malaga


This restaurant has won the award for the best Russian salad in Malaga 2019, to be proclaimed champion in the V Championship of Russian salad Malaga, even ahead of El Candado Golf.

As I mentioned in another post, Verum is a restaurant you have to go to because the quality of its dishes is combined with the variety in its menu, being the meat one of the secrets of this great restaurant.


For this chef, the secret of his dish is the use of well chosen quality products, most of them from Malaga. In addition, the use of fine salt, flake salt and the mixture of different kinds of extra virgin olive oil, make this the best Russian salad in Malaga.

As I said, he uses well selected products to get that great taste: potato from Coín, tuna belly from the Cantabrian Sea, white shrimp from the bay of Malaga, carrots from the garden of Malaga, boiled egg and liquid egg yolk.

Flamencos Street, 3  29018 Malaga


Another of the restaurants that reached the grand final of the 5th Russian Salad Championship in Malaga. La Cayetana is a gastro pub where it rewards the preparation and quality of its products, creating original dishes with the most modern and risky techniques that offer unique tastes and textures.

We can’t say that Russian salad is their only star dish, because in this restaurant you will find a great variety of excellent quality and you must dare and try all their recommendations.


In La Cayetana we will find both dishes to share and main dishes for each diner, although in this type of restaurant I prefer to order many dishes for the centre so that we can try more specialities.

Even the most traditional dishes have the chef’s special touch that gives them a unique taste. In addition to the Russian salad, you should try the salmorejo with goat cheese and toasted jamón, the baby beans from Navarre with small cubes of acorn shoulder, and the smoked sardine salad, among some of its specialties.

Casas de Campo Street, 4, 29001 Malaga


This restaurant in the historic centre of Malaga is another one not to be missed if you want to try one of the best Russian salads in Malaga.

As you will discover during your visit to our city, restaurants with a different cuisine have grown a lot, mixing traditional cuisine and dishes from “our mothers” with a more modern touch, leaving that taste of nostalgia and creativity on your palate.


At Araboka you’ll find dishes that have always had a chef’s touch, but I’m sure you’ll want to come back because both the service and the quality are outstanding.

I recommend you to start with some starters like the sausage tartar of Malaga with raisins, Russian salad with prawns of Malaga and ventresca or the toasted noodles with mayonnaise of voral and prawns; and to finish with a main course by diner like the deer ragut with potatoes to the rosemary or the loin of red tuna with its black pudding and escalibada.

 Pedro de Toledo Street, 4, 29015 Malaga


It is another of the finalists of the V Championship of Russian salad in Malaga, and with much merit as it has been open for a short time. The architects of this great project are 3 young men who wanted to give a new vision to traditional cuisine, with modern dishes and own creation.

It is a different restaurant where you can enjoy on its walls exhibitions of local artists or a room reserved for micro theater, although without doubt the great protagonist is the menu, where you will find different dishes, which you can choose if you want it as a cover or as a ration.


If you want to enjoy a different cuisine you can’t miss this restaurant, where presentation is just as important as taste. They make a very creative cuisine, with a travelling and experimental spirit, always based on tradition and the product.

It is difficult to recommend anything in special, because you will want to try everything, although I could tell you to leave without tasting the cheese and chilli croquettes; the ajoblanco of tigernut, candied sardine and osmotic melon; the cod with trumpets of death and a touch of citrus; the salad with tuna belly or zucchini ravioli, dehydrated black olive and carrot in meat juice.

Toquero Street, 1, 29013 Malaga


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