When we travel, we want to do everything: see monuments, museums, go to the best restaurants; but there are times that for economy or simply to eat something lighter, fast and that gives time to make other plans, tapear (eating tapas) is a great option, that’s why I will show you the best places of tapas in Malaga city, good and cheap.

In these last years, Malaga receives thousands of tourists during all the months of the year, and at gastronomic level we can say that the offer is quite good, since you have to choose any type of food, either in the centre or in the province.

In this post I want to let you know the five best places to eat in Malaga cheaply. You can find many bars where to eat tapas in Málaga city, but these are essential, because of their quality and fame.


This tavern has 3 establishments in the centre of Malaga. The spaciousness of its rooms, the friendly service and above all the good food they serve, make it a perfect place to go for tapas.

It has managed its image well, and has become a regular place where tourists go to eat. Many of the tourists who come are from outside Spain, and this is their first experience with Spanish cuisine, and they have managed to win over this audience.


The menu is very wide and varied and includes tapas, half and rations, making it perfect for sharing. You can find skewers, salads, meats, sausages… I can recommend you many specialties, but without a doubt there is never a lack of Russian salad, patatas bravas, flamenquín and some small sandwiches on my table.

If you are in a hurry I recommend you to arrive early because otherwise you can be more than half an hour waiting in line.

Strachan Street, 11, 29015 Malaga

Granada Street, 46, 29015 Malaga


If you ask me where to eat cheaply in Malaga, I would say that one of the best options is the Tranca, the tavern par excellence in Malaga. You can’t leave Malaga without visiting it, although if you go on the weekend you might not get in, because it is always full and you can wait quite a while until you find a place near the bar.

This place is a reference in the city because it is cheap, the food is good and above all because of the atmosphere it has, which is what has always characterized this tavern. It is a meeting place where you go with friends, taste their vermouth or beer, eat some of their specialties while listening to Spanish music in the background.


It’s not just a place to eat, it’s a place to relax with your friends, where without waiting you see how the waiters and the rest of the bar start singing some of the songs they play to liven up the atmosphere.

In relation to the menu, they have a variety of tapas and toasts. It is more traditional food like meatballs in tomato, Russian salad, omelet skewer, but the quality is quite good. Don’t forget to try their empanadas and “pata asada”, which are their specialties.

Carretería Street, 92, 29008 Málaga


It is one of the mythical bars in the centre of Malaga. With more than 75 years of history this establishment was bought a few years ago by a gastronomic group, which has kept the essence of the bar and of course much of its menu.

It has managed to refloat the business and now it still has that same essence as always, where you feel at home, eating homemade food accompanied by a beer, a vermouth or a glass of wine. For all this I recommend the Farola de Orellana as one of the best places to eat in Malaga cheap.


There are many options when it comes to choosing what to eat on this site and every time I’ve gone I try to order different things, but they all have in common that it’s home cooking and at a pretty good price. On the menu you will find tapas, stockings and portions of fish and seafood; light, which are like small sandwiches, skewers and meat.

I recommend that when you go, ask for things to share because the rations are large. You have to try the snails in sauce, the bouillons of rosé, the plate of Iberian jamón and some meat like the meatballs. I assure you that you will not be left hungry and at a quite good price.

Moreno Monroy Street, 5, 29015 Málaga


With barely 30 meters, this tavern is unique in Malaga. People wait an hour before they open to be able to go in that night there and enjoy the festive atmosphere and good food.

There isn’t a day that the Florida Pimpi isn’t full. It is an atypical bar where the copla can be heard over the speakers of the place and people come to have a good time, before the food. There are no tables, it’s a long bar and a narrow corridor where everyone squeezes in happily and smoothly, and where you can meet new people at the end.


This tavern located in the neighborhood of El Palo receives visitors from all over Malaga and many tourists who do not want to miss a different night.

The menu is not very extensive, it has no more than 12 dishes, but good seafood predominates, like a good fisherman’s neighbourhood bar: prawns pimpi; crab legs; grilled squid; loin steaks; sautéed clams; seasoned roe; grilled rosé; all accompanied by good Malaga wine.

Almeria Street, 13, 29018 Malaga


Of all those that I have recommended this one I could say that it is the most classic, a bar that has been delighting its visitors with traditional foods for many years and using a lot of Malaga products.

It has 3 rooms where to eat, the bar, the terrace and an upstairs with tables. The tapas can only be ordered at the bar, if you want to sit down you have to go half or full rations, but even so the price is quite good, and as in the other cases it is a place where I recommend ordering several dishes to share and so you can try more of their specialties.


It has a wide menu where you can choose what you like best, plus large portions so you are sure not to leave there hungry. They have a grill where they offer different dishes such as octopus, brochettes, chorizo of Ardales and a wide variety of meats.

As a recommendation I would say that you should try some special salad like avocados, eggplant millefeuille, meatballs with tomato, prawns with garlic and paprika and something on the grill like chorizo that is really good.

Plaza de la Merced, 2, 29012 Malaga


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