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We discover the best events in Malaga that you can enjoy throughout the year: Carnival, Film Festival, Easter, Fair, White Night …

During the year, Malaga hosts a large number of events and festivals that make, for both the people of Malaga and the thousands of tourists who visit the city, a unique experience, since each of them has a different symbolism and concept but converges on one thing: to offer a unique show. Whether it is for a more cultural, religious, festive or social reason, the experience is unique, and every year thousands of people want to live it from the inside, as it has become an international attraction.


We are going to make a classification by months, of the most important events that take place in Malaga throughout the year. It is clear that, apart from these, there are many more activities to do, which we will also talk about in different posts so that you do not miss out on all the details of what you can do, and thus plan your trip according to what you are looking for, and be able to have a complete experience: gastronomy, events, festivals, culture…

If we talk about the events with more tradition and repercussion we have to talk about the Carnival (February), Film Festival (March), Easter (it depends on the year but it is celebrated in March or April), the White Night (May), Fair (August) and finally Christmas and the lighting of the lights in Larios Street (November), a whole show that hosts thousands of people every day to see how the lights and music merge into one.

Malaga Carnival - Malaka Turismo
Events in Malaga - Malaga Film Festival
Easter Week in Malaga

Discover the Easter Week in Malaga

Malaga’s Easter Week is one of the most important events locally, attracting millions of people from all over Spain and the world, as the mix of culture, tradition and celebration has made it an extraordinary event not to be missed. This event, known as Big Week, takes place from Palm Sunday to Resurrection Sunday. During these 7 days more than 40 brotherhoods will take to the streets, carrying images of the Christ and the Virgin, dressed in different clothes…

The White Night in Malaga - Malaka Turismo

Discover the Malaga Fair, a unique event

The Malaga Fair is undoubtedly the most important event held in the city, both in terms of the number of activities and the number of people who visit it during the 7 days it lasts. In 2022, almost a million people enjoyed the music, shows, dances, gastronomy… Unlike many other fairs held in our country, in Malaga we have two different locations: the city centre and the fairgrounds. Each one has its own essence, which makes it a unique event…

Events in Malaga - Christmas