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What are the best wines of Málaga? Discover the wineries with the greatest tradition in Malaga and the province, and get to know the two Designations of Origin and become an expert.

Malaga is a land of great wines, with much tradition, whose origin dates back to the time of the invasion of the Roman Empire. It has two Designations of Origin (D.O.): Malaga and Sierras de Malaga, where you will find sweet, red, white, sparkling wines… although what is exported most, is undoubtedly the sweet wines, very refreshing, made from classic grapes such as Muscat and Pedro Ximenez, the latter widely used in modern cuisine, for the different flavor it gives to the food.


As we have explained previously, there are two D.O.’s that are D.O. Malaga, where the most famous wines are found, which are the sweet wines, very used in appetizers and in fairs and celebrations: Lágrima, Pajarete, Pedro Ximénez, Moscatel… There is also a great tradition in Malaga of meeting up with friends or family and going to emblematic places to taste these wines, with some tapas, and then having dinner.

On the other hand there are the wines of D.O. Sierra de Málaga, where we find red, white and rosé wines. Although not all of them are so famous with sweets, it must be said that their evolution is very fast, and we can find some of them in tables of any restaurant at national level, besides they are included in the tasting menus of the restaurants with Estrella Michellin in Malaga. We can find many wineries with wines with national and even international awards. We will make a post only talking about the best wineries, as it is worth knowing each of them.

What these two designations of origin have in common is that they go perfectly with products such as extra virgin olive oil, a marvel for our palate that we can use in many recipes. Andalusia is a land of olive trees, and the great producer of this product at national level, with the oils from Malaga and Jaen being the most outstanding. If you want to buy extra virgin olive oil from Jaén, I recommend you visit this shop:

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Wineries in Malaga

The wineries in Malaga and their wines have been placed among the elite of the great producers at a national and even international level, winning important awards and being on the best tables, such as at the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II of England or at the Nobel Prize ceremony. Despite the existing competition in Spain and in some countries such as Italy and France, Malaga is managing to export its product beyond its borders thanks to the quality of…

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Best wines of Malaga

Malaga is a land of great wines, wines with a different flavour and aroma that have placed them among the elite of the Spanish and international wine scene. The wines of Malaga are included in two Denominations of Origin: D.O. Malaga and D.O. Sierras de Malaga, in which white, red, sweet and rosé wines are produced. Different grape varieties are used for the elaboration of Malaga wines, which make them different from any other you have tasted…