Eat well in Malaga - restaurants with a Michellin star.


What are the best places to eat well in Malaga? We detail the restaurants in Malaga and the province that have won the prestigious Michellin Star.

Malaga has stood  out as  the Andalusian province with the most Michellin stars. The Michellin Guide Spain and Portugal has awarded 8 stars, distributed among 6 restaurants.

If you ask yourself what places there are to eat well in Malaga, the answer would be quite simple, since in addition to all those that we have been able to describe in other sections, where to eat traditional dishes, meat, seafood or any international food, you will find these, with a different cuisine, defined as creative or fusion.

Eat well in Malaga - Michellin star

Eat well in Malaga is simple, especially for lovers of good food, of different cuisine. Therefore it is mandatory to visit each of these restaurants, although as a recommendation, just as you plan a vacation in advance, do the same in this case, as the reservation can take months. If you are looking for new gastronomic experiences, you can enjoy tasting menus, where you can test your palate. Of course, the menu will be accompanied by a choice of wines, perfectly selected to make the mix a culinary explosion.

comer bien en malaga- restaurantes con 2 estrellas michellin
Eat well in Malaga - Bardal Restaurant


Bardal has become a national culinary reference. Thanks to Chef Benito Gómez, a Catalan by birth and a Malagan by adoption, this restaurant transmits the authentic flavour of the region in its dishes with its own creative touch, which makes them an unbeatable mixture, such as chivo a la pastoril, brioche of bacon and fruit, monkfish roasted in yellow or carrot and sweet potato cake. One of the secrets that have raised Bardal to the top of the national gastronomy is, without a doubt, the perfect mix between traditional cuisine and modernist touches.

You can enjoy two tasting menus, containing between 16 and 20 dishes, which change according to the season. You will also have the option of tasting a selection of wines from their own winery, which has 250 national and international references, without missing the great wines of Ronda, which are becoming indispensable in a good table.

Street José Aparicio, 1  29400, Ronda (Malaga)

Skina Restaurant - Malaka Turismo


Skina is one of those restaurants with roots. Located in the historic centre of Marbella, and with a capacity of no more than 14 people, one of the smallest Michellin Stars in Europe, make this a welcoming place to taste the different specialties available. He defines his cuisine as creative, avant-garde, always using local products, which are the essence of his creations. Truffles, seafood, meat, fish, vegetables… or bread and sweets, prepared in the most traditional way are his sign of identity and the basis of his creations.

You will be able to choose between the Seasonal Product Menu or the A la Carte Menu, which you will have the option of tasting with one of their wines, from their extensive winery. They have more than 700 references from all over the world, a selection of the best wineries, giving an important role to those of Andalusian origin, especially those of Malaga and Ronda.

 Street Aduar, 12  29601, Marbella (Malaga)

Comer bien en Málaga - Malaka Turismo
EAT WELL IN MALAGA - Sollo Restaurant


Its innovative cuisine is unmatched by any other. This Brazilian chef has long been known as the chef of sturgeon or caviar, as he has always used this type of fish in all his creations. Taking another step in his concept, which has made him get his second star, he has created a menu, called Caminho, where he has mixed with great success, freshwater fish with produce from the garden. It is worth mentioning as a curious fact that many of the products are his own, both from his own garden and from some tanks he has where he breeds different species of freshwater fish.

Focusing on this menu, we can highlight the fried olive stuffed with sturgeon black pudding, a seasonal smoothie with tomatoes and fish confit or the salmon au gratin with black garlic mayonnaise, tender shoots and fermented pasta. You also have the option of accompanying it with a wine section of its 150 references available.

Urbanization Reserva del Higuerón, Av. del Higuerón, 48, 29640 Fuengirola (Malaga)



It’s the only Michellin-starred restaurant in the capital. This Malaga-born man has spent his whole life in the kitchen, taking over from his father and adapting it to his continuous creativity. With about a thousand square metres, this restaurant is always full of diners waiting to try his different creations such as the summer ramen, the red shrimp or the osmotic mojito-melon. Fervent defender of the products of the area, its cuisine always counts with more than 15 kilos of seafood, fish and vegetables brought directly from the Mercado del Carmen every day.

Unlike other Michellin Stars, their preparations are creative adaptations of traditional foods and products, such as Ajoblanco, red mullet, lime and vodka or Iberian pork with pear and red wine. It has a tasting menu with 14 dishes.

Port de Malaga, Square de la Capilla, 1, 29016 Málaga



One of the distinguishing features of this restaurant is its location, within an Urbanization near Marbella, where you can eat beside a lake and overlooking a golf course. With twenty years of experience, this restaurant offers its diners very local dishes, where fish predominate, such as almadraba tuna and its different meats such as chicken, rabbit, veal …, always merging them with local seasonal products, which create an unbeatable result.

You will be able to enjoy two kinds of menus, the classic and the gourmet, as well as an extensive menu, where they offer you starters, main courses and desserts, although since you are going there, the best thing is to try one of the menus, as it will not leave you indifferent. They also offer you the option of accompanying it with a selection of wines and artisan cheeses.

Urb. Elviria Hills, Avda. Las Cumbres, s/n,  29600 Marbella (Malaga)



This restaurant, located in the centre of Marbella, has as a sign of identity the choice of fish and seafood, in many of its creations, all from the coast of Marbella. We can define Messina as a restaurant with dishes with a very refined technique, with simple and elegant presentations, where they choose to perfection that symbiosis between sea and land, which make you enjoy their menu from start to finish.

You can enjoy 3 different menus: Tasting Menu, Messina and Great Messina, between 10 and 18 dishes depending on the menu you choose. Among the extensive variety of these, with fish, seafood and meat of different types and seasoned in a particular way to highlight their flavors, we could highlight the Iberian manioc roll, beet marinade with Moorish prawns, salmon roe with concentrated celery juice or the Iberian prey curry. They also have a menu with main dishes and desserts, although when I visit again, I only plan to try another of the menus.

Av. Severo Ochoa, 12, 29603 Marbella (Malaga)


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