Japanese food, and especially sushi, is the food that has aroused the most expectation in the last decade. Japanese cuisine is all the rage and we can see it in the number of restaurants we find, especially in city centres.

Unlike other types of food we have talked about, such as Thai, where we notice the authenticity of flavours when the cooks are from the country itself, in this case we find international chefs specialised in this type of cuisine, who have trained for years to become masters and are recognised worldwide.

In addition, within this extensive cuisine, there are a variety of restaurants offering specific specialities such as sushi or ramen.

As I said, there are a lot of Japanese restaurants in Malaga, but I want to leave the usual and best known and tell you which are the 5 best, some of them are not exclusively Japanese restaurants, but I assure you that you will not regret when you try them:


Hanna Fubuki is a sushi food truck located in Alhaurín de la Torre, a town near Málaga. They have changed the concept of the classic Japanese restaurant, and you won’t see anything like it in Malaga, and the truth is that they have succeeded perfectly.

They are specialists in sushi and pokés, with a wide variety on their menu, although they have gone a step further and have included innovative and fusion recipes such as japobravas or goat nem, to distinguish themselves even more from other Japanese restaurants in Malaga.


The quality of their creations have made this place one of the first choices for sushi lovers in Malaga, as can be seen on some days with long queues waiting to enjoy some of their creations.

If you are sushi lovers, you will love this place and you have a wide variety to choose from. I recommend you try the ventresca uramaki, foie gras and PX reduction, the Hanna tuna bowl with green mustard and the special Hanna Fubuki futomaki, and while you’re at it, some of their innovations.

Shell Santa Clara, Av Málaga s/n 29130 Alhaurín de la Torre (Málaga)


The secret of this restaurant is the fusion of Mediterranean cuisine and sushi, where you will find in its menu traditional dishes of the national cuisine with a creative touch and a great variety of sushi, which make Óleo an essential restaurant for gastronomy lovers.

It is undoubtedly one of the best Japanese restaurants in Malaga, not only for the variety but also for the quality of the preparation, at the hands of chef Rui Junior, a specialist in this type of cuisine. It must also be said that its location within the CAC (Contemporary Art Centre) makes it even more recommendable.

Malaka Turismo - Óleo Restaurante

If you want to enjoy a complete experience, I recommend that you try all their specialities, both Japanese and Mediterranean. You can choose from some tapas such as Russian salad, crispy prawn rolls or Vietnamese roll of Malaga suckling goat, and then move on to a main course and sushi specialties, which you can share.

From the sushi menu, I recommend the butterfish nigiri, caviar salt and truffle; the uramaki ebi tempura roll and the moriwase sashimi, which is a variety; and the tuna and tuna belly tiradito with truffle cream.

 Calle Alemania, s/n,   29001  Málaga


One of the great secrets that make this restaurant one of the best sushi restaurants in Malaga and even Spain is the presence in its kitchen of the world-renowned master itamae Masao Kikuchi, the precursor of sushi in Spain.

This world-class chef has worked in great restaurants all over the world and has been the master of great chefs such as the Michelin-starred Ricardo Sanz, but undoubtedly one of the milestones for which he is most famous is for cooking for the Japanese Emperor Hirohito in the Imperial Palace.


Although he no longer works regularly in the kitchen due to his age, his disciples have been able to continue his legacy with high quality dishes, which continue to make this place an ideal place to enjoy good sushi and Japanese cuisine in general.

They have an extensive menu with which you will enjoy any dish you order, and they also have some suggestions outside the menu. Besides sushi you can try specialties with seaweed such as tako sunomono (wakame with cucumber, octopus and sesame sauce) or akamisojiru soup (red miso with wakame seaweed, spring onions and namekos), as well as homemade desserts such as sakura mochi and assorted mochi.

Av. Isaac Peral, 27  29004  Málaga


Although they opened recently, in 2019, they have become one of the best Japanese restaurants in Malaga, creating a place where the main dish is ramen, and thus differentiate themselves from other Japanese restaurants or sushi specialists in Malaga and province.

The precursors of this idea have been 3 great chefs with experience in this type of cuisine, those of Ólero Restaurant and Misuto, so success was assured, and they have also managed to find an ideal location in the Soho district.


The menu is not very extensive but it is perfectly structured and chosen to enjoy a few starters to share, such as pork gyozas, varieties of baos bread or spicy salmon tartar, followed by a bowl of rice or ramen noodles.

Among the main courses, there is a greater variety of rice dishes served with prawns, pork or tuna, as well as ramen, which you can choose between noodles with or without broth and between hot and cold.

Calle Barroso, 17,  29001  Málaga


Another restaurant specialising in ramen and without a doubt one of my top 5 best Japanese restaurants in Malaga. Unlike Fideo Ramen, this restaurant was opened by a young but experienced Japanese chef who has been able to learn from the best Japanese chefs.

Kosei Ramen offers different Japanese varieties, although its specialities are ramen and donburi, which is a bowl of rice served with different toppings, making it a main dish that is widely consumed in Japan for its energy and health value.


You can order different starters and share them, so you can try more things. Among all the options, the katsu chicken (marinated and fried with Japanese-style panko), the salmon misozuke (baked and marinated in white miso) and the takoyaki, which are octopus-filled dumplings with takoyaki sauce, stand out.

Among the main courses, you will have the choice of different domburis, including some with pork such as yakinuku don or katsu curry; and you will also find spicy tantanmen ramen dishes, yakisoba or vegetarian ramen. Gluten-free noodles are also available on request.

Calle Carretería, 56,   29008 Málaga


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