In this post I want to introduce you to the best seafood restaurants in Malaga, where you can enjoy authentic seafood, and that no doubt you will repeat, because when you find a good restaurant where to taste good product you will not want to change.

In Malaga, as a coastal city, you can eat fish and seafood in many places, and that’s why I want to make two divisions: seafood restaurants and “chiringuitos” (beach bars). In both of them you can find seafood and different types of fish, but in the case of the chiringuitos they stand out more for the fried fish, paellas and the skewered fish like the famous “espetos” (sardines), and they have their maximum affluence in summer, since they are at the foot of the beach.

Here we will describe which are the best seafood restaurants in Malaga to go to eat, restaurants where you can find the best fresh produce, always accompanied by a select and rigorous wine list.


It is considered the best seafood restaurant in Malaga, obtaining prizes such as two soles from the Repsol Guide, the ‘ABC’ chilli sauce prize and has been placed in the “Top Ten” in the Tradition and Product category of the OAD list.

The secret of their great success is the fresh, top-quality product, many of which are caught every morning by themselves, the perfect time to fire each of their products. That is why the menu is written every morning according to the product they have.


Los Marinos José has gone one step further in satisfying its customers, and has introduced more complex and creative dishes such as the anchovy roe omelette, morrillo mojama, black grouper…

Another of the fundamental pillars of Los Marinos José is its excellent and extensive wine list, with more than 250 national and international references, perfect to accompany each of its dishes: sweet, dry, oloroso, white, red, cava and champagne.

 Sea Walk Rey de España, 161,   29640  Fuengirola (Malaga)


Classic of the seafood cuisine in Malaga. With two restaurants, Doramar has been offering the public high quality products for almost 30 years. They are located in the Ciudad Jardin district and in the centre of Malaga, more specifically in Soho.

It’s one of my favorite restaurants, and it’s always in my choices when it’s time for a meeting or a visit from someone I know who isn’t from Malaga. The great service and its top quality products, without forgetting the preparation of their dishes make this a recommended to eat seafood in Malaga.


They have an extensive menu where they highlight the oysters, thin shells, coquinas, clams, lobster, carabineros and other delicacies such as spider crab, oxen or red tuna of Almadraba. You can also try their brothy rice and paella. In Doramar Puerto, located in Soho, you will also find the best cuts of grilled meat, as an extension to its extensive menu of fish and seafood.

It can not miss its more than 140 references of wine, highlighting the whites and reds of the best D.O. in Spain: Rueda, Ribeiro, Rioja, Ribera del Duero … without forgetting its champagne.

 Emilio Díaz Street, 46  29014 Málaga

Casas de Campos Street, 1, 29001 Málaga


This seafood restaurant has known how to differentiate itself from the rest in Malaga, since all its product is from the province of Huelva, and it is well known that there is a good quality in that part of the Atlantic, with Huelva and Cadiz being authentic temples of fish.

In this restaurant you can find a wide and varied menu, where they highlight the fish, seafood, paella (seafood, black or lobster) and typical dishes of their land as tiger prawns, mojama of Isla Cristina, whips, acedias, shrimp omelettes, salmorejo or tuna in butter. Potatoes with choco, octopus salad or choco meatballs are also a lure, but without doubt its star product is the white prawns of Huelva.


DeHuelva located in the neighborhood of Huelin, 50 meters from the beach, has found its niche in a neighborhood where you can find many beach bars, but its bright room, the friendly and close and undoubtedly its added value products, have made him have queues of people to sit and enjoy a piece of Huelva in this neighborhood of Malaga so well known.

Tapas, half-rations and rations predominate, all to be shared so that more varieties can be tasted. Although it does not have an extensive wine list, the quality of the wines and the price of the glasses are quite good.

Antonio Soler Street, 5, local 3,  29002  Malaga


This family seafood restaurant has become one of the best in Malaga and the province, for its good work and perseverance. What started as a breakfast cafeteria more than 30 years ago has become a temple of fish and seafood, thanks to the fusion of tradition and good food that we find every day in this restaurant.

El Cateto is a place to enjoy good cuisine, and much of the traditional cuisine, since in its menu, in addition to fresh fish and seafood, brought many of the market of Caleta de Velez, we can find stews such as chickpeas with cuttlefish, spinach croquettes or artichokes Montilla. This good work has made athletes and cooks of national fame have gone to try their dishes.


In spite of all this, what predominates and is most in demand are its fresh seafood products, especially oysters, pebbles, thin shells, reeds, grilled Garrucha prawns, cooked Motril shrimp, tuna belly… You can choose between seafood, fish in salt or grilled and fried. Perfect for sharing and then a main course per person.

You can choose between different wine options, where the wines of Malaga, Riojas and Riberas del Duero stand out, which is where they have the most variety.

 Pedro de Lobo Street, 3  29014  Malaga


Los Mellizos is a business group that has 8 restaurants distributed throughout the province of Malaga: Benalmádena, Casa Juan, El Mero, Málaga, Soho, Saint-Tropez, Marbella and Fuengirola, with the Benalmádena restaurant being a fishing-place to offer its product to users.

This great gastronomic group has known how to perfectly manage the needs of its customers, and although they offer a similar menu in each of their restaurants, it is true that each establishment has some specialties and aimed at different audiences and pockets.


They have a very varied menu, which includes fish, seafood, fried fish, rice and meat, and even specialties of the house. But as I have mentioned in each of the 8 they will recommend you different options: paellas, fried pesacaito and espetos, seafood, tapas… They also have menus for groups.




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