In this post I want to show you which are the best Italian restaurants in Malaga, so you can enjoy delicious dishes with authentic traditional flavour.

When we think about where to eat, one of the best options is always to go to an Italian restaurant, because who doesn’t like a good pizza or a plate of pasta? Besides, there is no place that doesn’t have a restaurant serving this type of food, and above all because we are safe in the knowledge of what to order.

But if we go to a pizzeria, trattoria or osteria and the taste of our dishes is different, authentic to other places we have tried, the satisfaction is enormous. That’s why I want to show you the best ones in Malaga, places where you will discover a little bit of Italy in their dishes.

Gastronomy has undergone a radical change in recent years, we no longer go out to eat just as a social act, we are more demanding and want to go to the best places or try different dishes, a mix of tradition and creativity, where both flavour and presentation are paramount.

In these restaurants you will find chefs who have taken the traditional Italian recipes from their parents and grandparents and given them a different touch, without losing that taste of the past. As I know you are starting to get hungry, here are the five best Italian restaurants in Malaga.:


This gastronomic group has more than 45 restaurants throughout Spain. As an anecdote, they had problems with the Italian government for having the name of one of the biggest criminal organisations in the world, although when you enter the restaurant you will discover that its decoration is based on the famous trilogy of “The Godfather”.

In this restaurant you will enjoy traditional Italian-Mediterranean cuisine, with modern touches where the presentation and variety of the dishes is one of its premises.


The menu is quite extensive and elaborate. They have snacks, antipasti, rice and risottos, pastas, pizzas and meats.. You can choose the sauce of your choice and combine it with any of the 15 types of pasta available, such as rigatone with egg, beef ravioli, tagliatelle al nero,…

Whenever I’ve been there I’ve tried different dishes, because the truth is that the presentation is unbeatable and makes you want to try them. I recommend you to share because the dishes are great, and you should try the grilled vegetables with Romesco sauce, Iberian tartufata and then some pasta and pizza.

 Calle Compañía, 5,   29008 Málaga


Madi is undoubtedly one of the best Italian restaurants in Malaga, among other things for having won the award for the best pizza in Andalusia, and for therecognition of the Eccellenze Italiane Association which chooses “truly Italian” restaurants.

The manager and chef of this pizzeria left Manhattan to move to Malaga and open this little piece of Italy in the centre of the capital. The secret of his success is both thea raw material (brought directly from Italy) and the perfect point of the pizza dough and time control.


In addition to the pizzas, they also have fresh pasta, making authentic Neapolitan dishes. The menu is not very extensive, making it perfect for choosing what you want quickly. In addition to the aforementioned, they also have salads, antipasti, meats and desserts typical of their land.

Apart from the quality of its dishes, one of the things that makes it stand out the most is its pizza bar concept, where customers can sit at the bar while they watch live how pizzas are made.

 Calle San Agustín, 11,   29015. Málaga


We cannot consider this restaurant as a typical Italian restaurant, its cuisine is based on traditional Lombard food with a mix of creative Mediterranean dishes.

It has a great influence of the Italian restaurant with two Michellin stars L’Ambasciata, in fact some of its chefs have worked in the latter. Il Mare offers its diners a unique gastronomic experience, with a different cuisine and high quality products.


Located inside the Gran Hotel Guadalpín in Marbella, this eatery offers diners a varied and different menu for a price of around 25€ per person.

Among all the dishes they offer, we must highlight the flavour of their different fresh pasta, made with spelt flour and Parmesan Reggiano cheese.

 Calle Edgar Neville, s/n,   29660 Marbella (Málaga)


It could not be missing in the list of the five best Italian restaurants in Malaga, ranked as one of the 10 best urban restaurants in Spain, according to the newspaper El Mundo, as well as having the Certificate of Excellence from Tripadvisor.

In this trattoria you will enjoy authentic Italian dishes, with top quality products brought mostly from Italy; but they always try to give an innovative touch to their dishes, so that the customer has the opportunity to try different things every time they go.


Mamma Franca’s standout feature is undoubtedly its fresh pasta and the elaboration of its sauces, which give its dishes a very good flavour. The best thing to do is to let them advise you and let them tell you the specials of the day, since, as I said before, they are always innovating.

In addition to pasta you will find a wide selection of salads and starters, pizzas and meats, suitable for all tastes. They have an extensive Italian and Spanish wine list.

Av. Imperio Argentina, 7,   29004 Málaga


If you want to taste the authentic flavour of Sicilian and southern Italian cuisine, you have to visit this osteria, as it offers traditional Sicilian dishes with a more modern and creative twist.

You can find a wide variety of proposals on the menu, but what they don’t have are pizzas. They wanted to make a different proposal to the rest of the restaurants, and give a special prominence to their pastas.


On the menu you will find different specialities, but I recommend that you listen to the recommendations of the waiter, who will tell you what each dish is, because there will be dishes that you will not know what they are.

Among the recommendations are spaghetti al nero di sepia, paccheri or pasta with sardines or anchovies, baccalà alla ghiotta and for dessert, torta di ricotta e pere.

C/ Duque de la Victoria, 5,   29015 Málaga


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